Facebook-friend or foe

Below is a link to a video that I found on the Wall Street Journal regarding Facebook and how businesses are trying to capitalize on their reach by using Facebook.

I found this video to be very interesting and relevant! I hope you do too.

Click here for video


About Kathleen's Blogging Post

I have been in sales now for about 8 years and still continue to find it exciting! As the market gets more and more competitive it also offers new tools and resources that build the excitement to sell. I'm a results driven individual with a passion for solving problems and I find that sales creates that environment for me. It allows me the opportunity to listen to what the prospects needs are and determine whether or not the product that I have to offer will give them the ROI that they are seeking, while solving their issue or dilemma. I have worked for a variety of companies ranging from Medical supplies to web based elearning and have found each sales role to be challenging and enjoyable at the same time.
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3 Responses to Facebook-friend or foe

  1. Sara Kerr says:

    Fascinating discussion of how Facebook is changing how advertising is conducted on the web and how people play games. I had no idea the relative size of social games vs Wii, Playstation, etc.

  2. Very interesting.
    Thank you for posting. I am going to share this on my Facebook page.

  3. Tiffany Kovaleski says:

    I wouldn’t like to be a foe of facebook! But, like everything in the world, change happens. So after watching your clip I am mind-boggled to think of what will come after facebook, or who will replace it!

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